“Quality, Sustainability and Art at your feet”

Edinburgh Urban

Stunning Designs at your feet

North Coast 500

A smooth and serene stoll in Scotland

Music Festival

funky and quirky odd socks

Healing in Oban

Full of mindfulness and calmness

Coorie in

merino wool socks

Isle of Skye

Elegant everyday socks


“We link together consumers and products in an enriching waste-free cycle of use, repurpose and upcycle”

We care for a sustainable future

At the end of the cycle of our products, we commit to upcycle them to extend their life

Our collections are wrapped inside a gift box that combines a commitment to environmental sustainability and practicality with a sleek aesthetic.

SERKLES gift boxes use cardboard composed of 100% recycled virgin fiber and use non-toxic, water-based ink.

Not like any other design…

All our collections are works of art, specially designed by renowned Scottish Artists.

Renuka Ramanujam

"I've been inspired by the healing, restorative aspects of the ocean around scenic Oban. It’s a true bond of love and appreciation”


Made from upcycled tents

Upcycled Products

Made from upcycled cotton socks

At Serkles, we are committed to quality and stylish textile manufacturing in a regenerative process that drives transformational change in the fashion industry to impact positively on the natural environment and wider society.

Get to know Serkles’ full cycle:

Our Beliefs

“We believe that the aesthetics of fashion are compatible with sustainable and socially responsible business practices”

Our Products

SERKLES uses only the best raw materials; premium Egyptian cotton in partnership with the cottonforlife programme and organic Spanish merino wool


A fundamental understanding and respect for the life cycle of fabrics underpins everything we do at SERKLES.


“At SERKLES we believe in creative reuse, transforming waste textiles into new products of a higher environmental value, which forms part of a wider movement towards sustainable and ethical thinking”.