Coorie in

Coorie in

Pure Merino Wool Socks

Hand-crafted, ethical and harmless to animals

Coorie in with these thick, super warm socks, for extra cosiness!

Coorie-in all tree
Coorie in CUFF
Coorie in WOOL

Unique designs…. endless possibilities


The inspiration behind the design...

“The wool is shorn by hand from Spanish merino sheep, without any harm to the animal, washed, spined into yarn and knitted into Serkles socks on site. Nothing else”

Seamless for extra comfort

Highly breathable


Temperature regulating

Odour resistant

Keeping your feet warm for a cosy night at home, and cool for a long walk outdoors.

Our Spanish merino wool is undyed and pure, making the socks not only ecological and preserving its natural qualities, but also facilitating its upcycling, since the fibres have not been blended with any synthetic material

Merino Wool Care Instructions:
– Gentle machine cycle or hand wash in lukewarm water
– Use wool or mild laundry detergent
– Don’t use fabric softener
– Line dry (not tumble dry)
– Air overnight to use several days without washing!

The perfect gift...

Ready to upcycle your socks? Return your socks to us in 3 easy steps

Once your socks have been enjoyed and reached the end of their lifespan, it is time for the fabric to continue its journey. Upcycling the sock fabric saves it from ending up in a landfill. Return the socks to us so the fabric can be made into dolls for another SERKLES consumer to enjoy.

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