Coorie in

merino wool socks

Edinburgh Urban

Stunning Designs at your feet

North Coast 500

A smooth and serene stoll in Scotland

Music Festival

funky and quirky odd socks

Healing in Oban

Full of mindfulness and calmness

Isle of Skye

Elegant everyday socks

And don’t miss our range of Upcycled Products!


Made from upcycled tents

Upcycled Products

Made from upcycled cotton socks

Ready to upcycle your socks? Return your socks to us in 3 easy steps

After enjoying and caring for your socks, it is time to let them go. Send them to us for upcycling them into dolls. Upcycling your socks safes the fabric from ending up in a landfill, which are then used to make our Serkles dolls for another consumer to enjoy.

  1. Open a free account with us

  2. Order a free postage label from your account

  3. Receive a GIFT COUPON to spend in our shop

Upcycle your socks here!