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Made from upcycled tents

Upcycled Products

Made from upcycled cotton socks

North Coast 500 `~ Customer Area

North Coast 500 `~ Customer Area

All about your new  North Coast 500 collection

In this page, you will be able to find more information about:

~ The story of your socks from idea to feet

~ How to take care of them and make them last

~ How to give them another cycle, by sending them back to us at the end of their life for upcycling


The inspiration…

The route North Coast 500 along the most Northern coast of mainland Scotland. Arguably one of the world’s most beautiful road trips, the route covers over 500 miles of stunning coastal scenery, white sandy beaches, rugged mountains, remote fishing villages, and miles of wild fairy land.

The route North Coast 500 starts in the city of Inverness, north of the famous Loch Ness, weaves along the west coast to Applecross and then northwards towards the towns of Torridon and Ullapool. From there, you’ll venture to some of the most northerly coastal points in Scotland, passing by Caithness and John o’ Groats before heading south again through Dingwall and finally back to Inverness.

Find Out More about the route North Coast 500

The design

This collection aims to capture the ever-changing Scottish sky through her bold, expressive use of colour and by detailing the patterns created in the reflections on the water.

Some of the amazing scenary portrayed in this collection are:

~ A stunning row of sandy beaches near Arisaig takes us to the idyllic view of a moody sunset on the White Sands of Morar

~ A pastel hued sunrise after an early-rise camping.

~ Stormy blue skies bathe the Northern Highlands and the Coigach Hills

~ Peachy sunsets highlight the silhouettes of islands Rum and Eigg in the distance.

Heather Smillie (Designer)

Heather is a Scottish designer, graduated with a degree in Textile Design, specialising in the design and production of knitted textiles. Currently working as a Visual Merchandiser, Heather also provides freelance design services and sells her own knitted pieces and accessories. Heather´s creative process always starts with colour, which inspires her to create textiles with a bold sense of pattern, style and commercial appeal. Outside of textile design, heather enjoys painting in her spare time, particularly Scottish landscapes, seascapes and animals.


SERKLES uses only the best raw materials; premium Egyptian cotton in partnership with the cottonforlife programme. We use natural dyeing methods that resist colour fading so garments consistently retain their colour, striking the perfect balance between high performance and low environmental impact. The socks are made in a third-generation traditional factory in Pradoluengo (a remote village in Spain), supporting tradition and local businesses.

We design each product to be durable to maximise the lifespan of fabrics and keep them in use for as long as possible. After all, making one practical, long-lasting, quality product is more environmentally sustainable and less wasteful than purchasing many that wear out quickly.

More About Cottonforlife



Taking care of your socks…

For best long lasting results, was your socks inside-out at 30 degrees, do not use a tumble drier and use a low temperature setting if ironing them.

You can even extend the life of your socks even longer by repairing them.

Watch a video-tutorial to learn how to repair your socks.

Ready to upcycle your socks? 

At SERKLES, we believe a design-based circular model, where post-consumer textile waste material is repurposed to create new garments, is the best solution to increase sustainability and reduce the fashion industry’s environmental impact. Our design team have taken on the challenge of redefining what is possible to create with waste material to make stylish, durable and practical products.

To make SERKLES products, locally based home workers are responsible for several processes in a single garment’s manufacture. This manufacturing model relies on craftsmanship in the production of high quality upcycled products, in stark contrast to mass-manufactured products. This also offers opportunities to create a positive social impact at the grass roots level by generating employment that pays a living wage and providing training opportunities within the fashion industry.

Dolls Collection

Upcycling out socks into dolls

We design with the whole lifecycle of our socks in mind. At the end of its life, we repurpose a sock’s fabric into new ragdolls, giving the organic cotton fibres a new lease of life. In partnership with Stich the Gap, we run community sewing workshops in East Dunbartonshire which teach children and adults the skills necessary to upcycle end-of-life sock fabric into new toys.

Ready to upcycle your socks? Return your socks to us in 3 easy steps

After enjoying and caring for your socks, it is time to let them go. Send them to us for upcycling them into dolls. Upcycling your socks safes the fabric from ending up in a landfill, which are then used to make our Serkles dolls for another consumer to enjoy.

  1. Open a free account with us

  2. Order a free postage label from your account

  3. Receive a GIFT COUPON to spend in our shop

Upcycle your socks here!

Oban Doll £30

Made from upcycled ‘Healing in Oban’ socks

At Serkles, we close the circle by collecting and upcycling our collections of socks to be turned into beautiful dolls,

in a project that supports sustainability and circularity, and most importantly, it has a social impact in our local community.

Find out more about our upcycling process

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