Edinburgh Urban

Edinburgh Urban

A fun, quirky collection of socks inspired by the landmarks and history of Edinburgh

Designed by Cassandra Harrison

Beautifully made using ethical Egyptian Organic Cotton

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Unique designs…. endless possibilities


The inspiration behind the design...

“I love walking around Edinburgh and seeing all the details, engravings, stone work…
What do they mean? What story do they tell?”

This collection is about the city and its gorgeous details. It is interesting seeing the history of the city laid out in front of you, like reading a story in masonry.

Each of the 7 socks represents an Edinburgh icon.

Edinburgh Castle proudly stands overlooking the whole city, a testament to the city’s history, as if in defiance of time.

By contrast, the view of the bridges represents the passing of time and reflects changes in engineering from 1890 to the present day.
Chimney pots sit precariously at all sorts of wonky angles on top of tall chimney stacks across the city.
The Scott Monument stands guard in the centre of Edinburgh – its presence is so well known that you could almost forget it was there. St Giles Cathedral keeps vigil over the old town, as it has for centuries, peeping over the rooftops, its crown still just noticeable in the city’s everchanging skyline.
Another design shows the beautiful Victorian streetlamps of the city that once inspired a verse by Robert Louis Stevenson, the Lamplighter.
The set finishes with a contemporary twist. In modern Edinburgh, traffic cones and bollards are everywhere. Whether you live here or are just passing through, on foot, by bike, in a bus or in a car, or yes, in a tram, no journey is complete without seeing at least one of these.


meet the designer...

Cassandra Harrison

“I an illustrator living and working in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. I love the green hills, parks and blooming trees interspersed with the imposing architecture that changes from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. I grew up in the plains of Nebraska so the contrast between the two places is striking. Most of my work in the past has been creating architectural based illustration for private and corporate clients. Recently my work has branched out to include illustration work for children’s books, chocolate wrapper designs and even huge banners for a mall. I also teach illustration at a local art studio. It has been a long journey to get here – I absolutely love what I do”

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