Healing in Oban

Healing in Oban

Organic Cotton Socks Serkles

A collection inspired by the calming, healing and spiritual character of the elements of the sea in the West Coast town of Oban.

Designed by Renuka Ramanujam

Made with Superior Egyptian Organic Cotton



The inspiration behind the design...

“The highlands have a unique healing aspect that attracts those looking to take respite from the pressures of life”

This collection is inspired by the healing, restorative aspects of the ocean around scenic Oban. “It’s a true bond of love and appreciation”

The landscape and weather may be unforgiving and unpredictable but, for local residents, the harshness of the environment only accentuates its beauty and poignancy.

Barnacles and limpets cling their way through the seasons; trees hug the hillside and grow at slants, buffered by perpetual wind.

Surviving in these climes requires resilience. There are soothing surprises, however . Harsh slate is softened by tufts of green moss and sinewy beards of lichen. Seaweed traces languorous patterns in wet sand dunes. In Summer, bursts of riotously colourful wildflowers come alive with the hum of bees.

“They are all testament to the unique weather-beaten warmth I feel when I think of my new home in the Highlands”


Meet the designer...

Renuka Ramanujam

Renuka is a textile desginer with a specialism in printed textiles, and has a keen interest in chemistry, sociology, and spiritualism. Originally from India, brought up in The Netherlands and Singapore, and now living in Oban, her multi-cultural upbringing and diverse experiences play an influential role in her work.

Renuka has been exploring textiles and materials in a larger social context, having worked in the fabric department at Céline, growing mycelium panels at biodesign institute Mediamatic, as well as gaining a more intricate knowledge of textile craft from her time at Parry Murray.

In her freelance creative practice she has had the chance to collaborate and consult with likeminded brands in design and sustainability such as JODI and Crùbag, as well as developing a voice as a writer within the field, having contributed to The Slow Grind Journal amongst publishing articles online.

She currently is based in Oban, Scotland.

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