Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye

Overviewing the Isle of Skye, this collection represents the winterscape of Loch Long across seven days

Designed by Louise Gourmelen

Ellegantly made using ethical Egyptian Organic Cotton

Isle Skye lila

Elegant designs…. endless possibilities


The inspiration behind the design...

“There, I found one of the most vibrant colourscapes and mystical sense of place, and spiritual rejuvenation”

Each individual sock is a light/dark colour pairing that reflects the dark and the light in the world around us, as well as within ourselves. The colours are taken from the natural harmony of the colour palette in the landscape in the North of Scotland – earthy, wild and free.

The inspiration for this collection came from spending 7 winter days around Long Long, in Sallachy, a hamlet in the Highlands of Scotland. There you can find one of the most vibrant colour scapes in the Scottish winter to be seen.

Meet the designer...

Louise Gourmelen

Louise is a Scottish visual artist and Early Years Educator.

“My artwork is nature connected, using various materials across painting, drawing, photography, book arts and textiles to explore the elementalism of the natural world. My work often returns to the theme of contrast and balance in the environment, a sense of place and the belief in the interconnectivity between people and nature. As an Early Years Educator in community settings I am inspired by the raw creativity of children’s art and play; and I use the power of creative arts to enable children in their learning and wellbeing”

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