Music Festival

Music Festival

Quirky, geometric designs inspired by the amazing atmosphere you can feel at the Scottish Music Festival TRNSMT.

Designed by Rachel Gormley

Beautifully made using ethical Egyptian Organic Cotton

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Unique designs…. endless possibilities


The inspiration behind the design...

“Festival set´s design, pop-up food carts and exciting individual outfits layout the festival´s experience each year”

Taking influence from the architecture particularly, the collection aimed to depict the contrast of negative spacing and how this would appear in terms for more geometric focal points when surrounded by the base colours portraying almost a graduation from daytime to evening with the brighter, lighter hues to the deep colours.

Meet the designer...

Rachel Gormley

Rachel is a textile designer, specialised in Graphic & Bold Knitwear

“ Sampling with vivid, bold colours I love the development process and how colour proportion can have an impact on how the viewer sees colour. Being able to create designs that have the ‘wow’ factor is key as I love when the consumer is instantly pleased with their final product.

With Serkles focusing on circularity and sustainability I loved the concept from the starting point and have been delighted to be able to have had the opportunity to create playful, quirky sock designs that will have another end use to their product life cycle. Creating products intending to reduce waste is so important within society today as we are all looking to purchase more eco-friendly products on the market.”

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