North Coast 500

North Coast 500

Reminiscent of serene strolls in some of Scotland´s spectacular seascapes across the North Coast 500.

Designed by Heather Smillie

Beautifully made using ethical Egyptian Organic Cotton


Unique designs…. endless possibilities


The inspiration behind the design...

“Take a serene stroll along these peaceful and beautiful beaches”

This collection aims to capture the ever-changing Scottish sky through her bold, expressive use of colour and by detailing the patterns created in the reflections on the water.

This collection is inspired by the beaches and lochs of the North Coast 500 route.

A stunning row of sandy beaches near Arisaig takes us to the idyllic view of a moody sunset on the White Sands of Morar, only to enjoy a pastel hued sunrise after an early-rise camping.

Stormy blue skies bathe the Northern Highlands and the Coigach Hills, and peachy sunsets highlight the silhouettes of islands Rum and Eigg in the distance.

Meet the designer

Heather Smillie

Heather is a Scottish textile designer, specialised in the design and production of knitted textiles and the production of visual merchandising. Heather´s creative process always starts with colour, which inspires her to create textiles with a bold sense of pattern, style and commercial appeal. Outside of textile design, heather enjoys painting in her spare time, particularly Scottish landscapes, seascapes and animals.

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