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Choose 2 pairs of Merino Wool Socks to make your own Gift Box

Step 1: Chose your size

Step 2: Chose the collection

Step 3: Chose the number of the two socks you prefer within the collection

And voila!! Your own unique gift box is ready!

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Product description ▼

Choose your favourite 2 pairs of Merino Wool Socks for a unique Gift box!

Not sure what is your perfect match! Chose “random” and we will decide the match for you.

“The wool is shorn by hand obtained from Spanish merino sheep, without any harm to the animal. It is then washed, dyed, spined into yarn and knitted into Serkles socks on site. Nothing else”

Seamless for extra comfort, Highly breathable, Anti-bacterial, Temperature regulating, Odour resistant, Keeping your feet warm for a cosy night at home, and cool for a long walk outdoors.

Serkles packaging uses 100% recycled paper and uses non-toxic, aqueus (water-based) ink, being eco-friendly up to the last detail.

Washing instructions ▼

– Gentle machine cycle or hand wash in lukewarm water
– Use wool or mild laundry detergent
– Don’t use fabric softener
– Line dry (not tumble dry)
– Air overnight to use several days without washing!

Material ▼

Simply White and Farmer: 100% Merino Wool (undyed)

Frost, Night Sky, Deep Ocean, Mountain Range, Green Forest, Grey Ash, Iron Welder: 90% Merino Wool, 10% Acrylic (added for strength after the dying process)

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Pair 1

Deep Ocean, Green Forest, Mountain Range, Night Sky, Simply White, Random Pair

Pair 2

Deep Ocean, Green Forest, Mountain Range, Night Sky, Simply White, Random Pair


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