Serkles Backpack

Upcycled Backpack

Giving a new long life to waste products, Serkles backpack has been made with 100% upcycled materials.

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Serkles Upcycled Backpack £90

In 2 sizes. Made with upcycled tents

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“Serkles repurposed backpacks are transforming waste into something new, useful and unique”

Each Serkles backpack is one of its own. Using the material from tents abandoned in music festivals, and reinforced with upcycled wool coats, means that each backpack will have its own story and character. Moreover, it is made in Scotland with care up to the littlest detail, so that it has many more stories to tell for years to come.

Upcycling encourages buyers to purchase fewer clothes and higher quality, overpowering the throw-away culture. It also raises awareness around the social and environmental issues that surround fast fashion.

More than 200,000 tents are left behind after music festivals every year in UK fields from Glastonbury to Leeds. There’s the false belief that these tents are sent to good causes, but this is a misconception, as most of them end up in landfill.

Producing a single use tent emits 25kg of carbon dioxide, and contains the equivalent of 8750 straws in plastic.

Serkles’ upcycling helps our society by

Reducing what goes into landfill

Not using new raw materials in the production process.

Supporting community businesses, encouraging craftmanship.

Find out more about our upcycling process here

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Oban Doll £30

Made from upcycled ‘Healing in Oban’ socks

At Serkles, we close the circle by collecting and upcycling our collections of socks to be turned into beautiful dolls, in a project that supports sustainability and circularity, and most importantly, it has a social impact in our local community.

Find out more about our upcycling process

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